Carla Bayle, France 2020

The annual exhibition in the artist’ village Carla Bayle in France did take place quietly december 2020. Many artists from all over exhibited their miniatures of 10 x 10 cm, most of them specifically made for this occasion. The exhibition lasted until the end of January 2021. Unfortunately there was no festive opening, but I enjoyed participating with a series of nine, titled: The Dream

The series is illustrated with a poem by Marco Nijmeijer (the Netherlands)

Climbing down along morning curtains

Your thoughts escaping … jumping

The floor will catch them, toss them back

… into your head

and there they’ll land

From heaven’s hand

Through the bottom of your mind

Who’s tilting the horizon now?

A vintage photograph is cut and pasted on a watercolour in a completely different composition. As in a dream where one recognizes the various parts but does not quite know how they are connected to one another.

Did the photographs perhaps never show the real world ? Did they perhaps just capture our hopes and wishes ?