Frozen in Time, 2021

The series Frozen in Time consists of eight works of 10x10cm and were specifically made for the annual exhibition in Carla Bayle. The photos used for this series were found in a thrown away photo album. Apparently nobody thought these were important enough to be cherished. These photos, taken with...

The Dream, 2020

A series of miniatures (10 x 10 cm), titled the Dream. A vintage photograph is cut and pasted on a watercolour in a completely different composition. As in a dream where one recognizes the various parts but does not quite know how they are connected to one another. Did the...

Time Trap, 2019

The series Time Trap consists of seven paintings in mixed media. A found vintage photograph is cut and combined with a new painting, some of the paint even slips on top of the photo. Memories, lost and grey, are taken over by colour and new life. What will remain of...

The Sky is the Limit, 2015

installation constructed with wooden poles, mirrors and photograph on textile – H300 W245 L245 – first on exhibit at Kadmium Delft, February 2015

Traces, 2015

installation with vintage photographs, wallpaper and photo frames – first on exhibit in Koel310, Alkmaar, January 2015

The Mission, 2013

site-specific interactive installation with two desks, coloured paper and folded airplanes – first on exhibit in Fortress Abcoude, September 2013  

To have it All, 2010

installation with balloons, clothesline and -pins – first on exhibit at KABK Den Haag, June 2010

Don’t miss it !, 2012

interactive sculpture with flashing text – This “information pole” invites the visitor to satisfy his thirst for news by pushing a button next to the screen. A text will then be flashed and the image will stay stuck on the retina of the viewer to be pondered upon. First on...

All within Reach, 2010

installation with table, tablecloth and balloons inside glass cake stand –  first on exhibit at KABK, 2010

All Clear, 2008

site-specific installation with wallpaper and chairs – first on exhibit in Delft, March 2008 During the group exhibition “Watching You!” in Alkmaar in 2011 “All Clear” was again on exhibit