Carla Bayle, France 2021

The annual exhibition in the artist’ village Carla Bayle in France did take place quietly again (like the year before) in december 2021. Many artists from all over exhibited their miniatures of 10 x 10 cm, most of them specifically made for this occasion. The exhibition will last until the end of January 2021. I participated with a new series called: Frozen in Time.

During our lives we love to capture moments in time. Later we look at those frozen moments in order to relive them. And a lot later, somebody finds these same memories in a dusty place.

The photos used for this series were found, pasted in a thrown away photo album. Apparently nobody thought these were important enough to be cherished.

These photos, taken with so much care in the past, have now been reused in a different order and are no longer lost in time.